Buy Digital Art: Why I'm Here

I created buy digital art ( as a way to share my work and to make a living by doing so. These are not easy tasks. First, of course, I must attract visitors to my site, and my SEO skills are lacking. The second issue--making a living through my site--is equally challenging.

Have I over-charged? Am I under-priced? Are my work descriptions sufficient?

I don't know, but moving forward, beginning with this post, I'll begin to figure these things out. Buy digital art will not remain static. I will add new works to the site. That may be the most important work for me. First, I have to create the work, which takes time; I also must also continue to improve my technique. That takes time.

It all takes time. The site will improve. Prices will go up and down. I want the work to be affordable. I want it to be purchased. I want it to be good, and I want it to look good where ever you decide to hang it, home or office.

Please have a look. I hope you'll decide to purchase my work. I think we will both be better off for it.

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